Saturday, 1 November 2008

Writing, launching and going naked again

I've been away for a while. Sadly not in Hawaii or any other luxury leisure resort but in places of my own imagining. 

These are fun too. Although recently on my current work in progress I've been battling with two characters who insist on running away to sea at the least opportunity. I don't sail - or at least I don't sail either well or willingly. This requires me to do a lot of research on how boats work and how those flappy things were rigged through the ages. These two characters also have a propensity for heading into storms, which means I spend a lot of my time thinking about it feels, tastes, smells, sounds and looks like being in endless sheets of rain. As I live in Scotland it's not particularly hard to imagine, but I do keep getting up to turn up the central heating. Who says imagination can't affect body temperature?

Spending so much time mining for stories is not unlike mining for gems. As I shift through the sands of my imagination I'm never entirely sure how the raw materials I find are going to turn out. I cut and polish as best I can and eventually put them out on display. It's only then I discover if my idea of what makes a good story matches anyone else's. As a lot of writers before me have said offering up a story is rather like going naked - any of my stories gives you a window into  my mind. 

So if you want a peek then....

On Monday 3rd November the e-book version of my novel Make Me One with Everything is released. This is a romantic thriller set in contemporary Edinburgh. You will be able to buy it here at Lyrical Press's Once Upon a Time Bookstore. Remember it's released Nov 3rd EST.  You can read an except here. And see the stunning cover art work here. At $5.50 it's a snip especially if you live in the UK! However, if e-books aren't your thing you'll be able to buy the print version from May 4th 2009.


Grayson Reyes-Cole said...

Hi Caroline! Can I say that I love the title of your book! It's so catchy. I also enjoy your writing style.


fiona glass said...

Congrats on the new release. And LOL on the flappy things. I tried my hand at a pirate story a few years back and couldn't get my head round the rigging at all, so to speak. :D

Caroline Dunford said...

Hi Grayson - Glad you enjoyed it.

Caroline Dunford said...

Hi Fiona,

For a non sailor I think I know an unnatural amount about old style rigging now. But it was hard won knowledge! :)