Saturday, 12 September 2009

But what is A Death in the Family about?

In December 1909 the Reverend Joshia Martins expires in a dish of mutton and onions leaving his family on the brink of destitution. Abandoned by her noble grandfather, Joshia's daughter, the eighteen year old Euphemia, takes it on herself to provide for her mother and little brother by entering service. She's young, fit, intelligent, a little naive and assumes the life of a maid won't be too demanding. However, on her first day at the unhappy home of Lord Stapleford she discovers a murdered body.
Euphemia's innate sense of justice has her prying where no servant should look and uncovering some of the darker social, political and business secrets of Stapleford family. All she has to defend herself is her quick wits, sense of humour and the ultimate weapon of all virtuous young women, her scream.


Nicola Morgan said...

"the ultimate weapon of all virtuous young women, her scream" - love it!

Caroline Dunford said...

Thanks Nicky! This definitely a curl up in a comfy chair and read while drinking tea kind of a book - but I rather hope on occasion readers will laugh so much they snort tea down their noses! Not that the crime doesn't have it's darker side too.

joteatro said...

hello dear Caroline
Just wanted to say congratulations!!
I've been away all summer and you now seem to have a novel published.. and a play being perormed? about to be performed? I think thats so wonderful! Huge congratulations and lots of good wishes for success!
Jo Clifford

Caroline Dunford said...

Hi Jo,

Lovely to hear from you. Hopefully see you soon!